About me

It is important to know more about the professionals you work with, and here is a piece of me just for you.


My work

  • Game Localization
    I was born playing video games, and this passion never faded out. Since then, I’ve been playing all kind of games, from shooters to puzzles. RPGs are my true love, and  I grew up learning vocabulary from the most creative minds behind these masterpieces.


  • Subtitles
    For me, the subtitles have a strong impact. They make everything possible for the audience – crying, laughing, feeling. I’m a huge fan of series and animes, and I’ve been watching movies with subtitles for years now. As I previously worked with subtitles and had to handle with limited characters for each sentence, I understand how to deal with them and how to comply English into Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Software & Hardware
    Since I was a teenager my interest in computing grew up along with my gaming passion. As I spent lots of time playing on PC, my curiosity came in no time and I saw myself assembling and learning about computer parts, trying new software and fixing my own problems. I’d call myself a computer enthusiast, and I could’ve followed a career if my joy for translations wasn’t so tremendous. Nowadays, technology is a vital piece of our daily lives and new projects keep coming up every day, and I’m glad that I can be a part of it by translating applying my knowledge and dedication.



If you are curious to know a little more about who you may be working with in the near future, I can also share some information regarding my hobbies.

It is no big surprise that one of my hobbies is figure collecting. As you read before, I am a huge anime fan. I can’t help myself, the sculptures made by great artists are just too wonderful to pass by. I own around 150 figures from my favorite games and anime shows. I won’t even mention the number of goods and media I already added into my collection…

However, it is just not about being a geek or an otaku. One of my dearest hobbies is to collect postcards from city views. I love to see the world through those little photographies and I don’t get tired to see how amazing both small and big cities can be. And the fact that friends from overseas send me them makes me imagine the great experiences they had during their travels.

Though I do have more to share, I believe this is enough to sum up who I am. You can always ask for my portfolio, for you will surely find good evidence of my background and education.