Are you looking for a specialist and not for Google Translator? Do you want your software or game localized with skill and creativity? If you want to hire a professional that understands how to convey your clients into your business, send me a message so we can discuss about your project.

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Marianna is an excellent professional. She has been working at Universo for 2 years, where we work on video captioning projects. She surpasses customer expectations and always gives 100% to each step of the project.

– Noelia Schultz, CEO – Universo Traduções

Marianna is a dedicated and extremely proactive professional with a strong sense of teamwork, who always meets deadlines. She develops new ideas, doesn’t hesitate to ask questions and does a lot of research on any subject. She is also very clever and imaginative when confronted with translation challenges. Without a doubt, her linguistic abilities are very valuable to our team!

– Wallacy Silva, Project Manager – Quoted Tradução e Localização de Games